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Conservative Views | Strongsville Republican Club

Conservative Views

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Dems ‘do something’ by blaming NRA/GOP for nonexistent aspect of LV shooting

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 10/03/2017 - 15:08

**Written by Doug Powers

Democrats have been demanding that Congress and the White House “do something” following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, but they’re also desperate to try and make the NRA complicit. The answer? Sound the alarm about something that wasn’t even used in the attack. Chuck Schumer leads it off:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is demanding President Trump say he would veto a bill that would ease regulations on gun silencers.

“Today I am calling on the President to come out against the absurd law about silencers. Threaten to veto it if he must and put an end to that bill,” Schumer said from the Senate floor.
“Let me tell you something. One of the few ways the police had to go after this shooter was they could look for the sound, try to hear the sound of where the guns came from,” Schumer said on Tuesday.

If the NRA wants to broaden their support they’ll help design a silencer that fits the mouths of agenda-driven politicians.

Hillary Clinton jumped on that bandwagon not long after the shooting and before any facts were known:

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.

Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

Other Dems joined in:

“Rather we believe that, in the wake of the horrific shootings last evening in Las Vegas, you must clearly state that the House will not seek to make matters worse by passing this legislation,” wrote Democrat Rep. John Conyers Jr., on the House Judiciary Committee, and Raul Grijalva, on the Committee on Natural Resources.

The Congressmen are referring to the Sportsmen’s Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act, which last month House Republicans put on track for a vote.

The Dem sleight-of-hand is so blatantly obvious that Chipps Cooney should sue the DNC for copyright infringement:

1) Politicize horrible attack
2) Imagine what could have made it worse
3) Blame NRA for hypothetical scenario
4) Repeat

MSNBC had a guest recently who constructed a huge straw man and then set it ablaze right there in the studio:

Former FBI agent Manny Gomez claimed on MSNBC on Monday that hunters use suppressors so that deer cannot hear the gunshots.

Firearm owners actually use suppressors to prevent hearing loss, and even with a suppressor, a firearm would still be loud enough to spook a deer or other wild game.

“Sportsmen, hunters would make an argument that they need that so that their target, whether it’s a deer, etc. don’t hear the shot,” Gomez claimed, “but numerous other sportsmen have shot from muskets — when the founding fathers started the Second Amendment — up until now successfully killed game animals without the use of a silencer.”

Gomez also asked, “Are we going to legalize grenades next because sportsmen need averages to be on their side more?” Fittingly enough the interviewer was Brian Williams, who tried to dodge a grenade or two in his prime.

Dems and their allies in the network news media who keep referring to suppressors as “silencers” during panel discussions usually lack the journalistic curiosity to go to a gun range and test how truly “silent” they are and wreck the narrative. It’s gotten so bad even the Washington Post is calling out Democrats:

Actually, even with "a silencer," it's pretty loud. An AR-15 rifle would have a noise equivalent to a jack hammer. https://t.co/rL1YFuAB5b https://t.co/YE9smBZqGG

— Glenn Kessler (@GlennKesslerWP) October 2, 2017

According to Paul Ryan there are no plans to bring a bill to ease restrictions on suppressors to the floor. That won’t stop the Dems from imagining what might happen if it does.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

VP of admin that just left WH after 8 years says WH needs to do something about guns

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 10/03/2017 - 11:23

**Written by Doug Powers

Former VP Joe “fire the shotgun through the door” Biden has slammed the Trump White House and Congress for taking immediate-but-unspecified action that would prevent mass shootings in as-yet unknown ways:

Former Vice President Joe Biden called for Congress and the White House to enact gun control legislation after a gunman killed more than 50 people and wounded at least 500 others at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night, and said there is “no excuse for inaction.”

“Appalled by the senseless loss of life in Las Vegas. Jill and I hold all those affected and grieving in our hearts,” Biden tweeted Monday. “How long do we let gun violence tear families apart? Enough. Congress & the WH should act now to save lives. There’s no excuse for inaction.”

If “inaction” is part of the problem, Biden joined many other liberals in stopping short of saying what kind of “action” would have prevented the horrific attack, but they won’t because this is pretty much about casting blame on the NRA and, by extension, Republicans. The tactic obviously hasn’t worked for the Dems politically (they’re one election disaster away from being moved to the top of the Endangered Species List) but that’s obviously not going to stop them from returning to that well repeatedly and serving as living testaments to the definition of insanity.

Democrats seem to conveniently forget that for the first couple years of Obama/Biden they had control of the WH and Congress. Why wasn’t “action” taken then? Maybe Harry Reid knows. In any case, Biden’s criticism is kind of ironic coming from the #2 man in an administration that inadvertently helped the gun industry break sales records.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Hillary Clinton asks country to ‘put politics aside’ and blame NRA for mass shooting

Michelle Malkin - Mon, 10/02/2017 - 18:54

**Written by Doug Powers

Hillary Clinton’s tweeted comments following the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night started out OK:

Las Vegas, we are grieving with you—the victims, those who lost loved ones, the responders, & all affected by this cold-blooded massacre.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

If she would have stopped there, it would have been a decent statement, but this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about. Before any investigation has taken place, Clinton not only put some blame on the NRA, but created a hypothetical scenario under which she claims it might have been worse:

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.

Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

Also, as Hillary rules dictate, she can’t say anything without the requisite hypocrisy:

Our grief isn't enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

Hillary’s three tweets shortened: “We grieve for victims of the horrific shooting that’s the NRA’s fault, and please remember not to politicize this tragedy while blaming the NRA.” That’s pretty deplorable, to use a word she likes.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

WARNING: This football team’s ‘unifying moment’ could trigger SJW hyperventilation

Michelle Malkin - Sun, 10/01/2017 - 21:34

**Written by Doug Powers

CAUTION: Social Justice Warriors proceed with paper bag in the event of hyperventilation.

It turns out not all football teams are into the “take a knee” movement as a way to show team unity. Quite the contrary:

A North Georgia high school football team ran out onto the field carrying American flags in what the school superintendent is calling a “unifying moment.”
Superintendent Michael Gwatney said the “patriotic display” was organized by the team, coaches and parents.

“It was an awesome and unifying moment for the audiences on both sides of our stadium and reminded us that no matter what team we support, we are all Americans,” he said.
The superintendent said the players ran out with the flags particularly as a sign of support for veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.

What’s truly amazing these days is knowing that this scene has probably pissed off somebody somewhere:

And did I see a “Blue Lives Matter” flag in the mix? Somebody might be about to receive a strongly worded letter from one of Colin Kaepernick’s charities of choice.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

2017: Dem senator on break from corruption trial calls Trump’s leadership ‘shameful’

Michelle Malkin - Sun, 10/01/2017 - 17:07

**Written by Doug Powers

Accusing somebody else of shaming their office in the middle of your own corruption and bribery trial takes some Godzilla-sized chutzpah, but Sen. Menendez is up to the challenge:

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., told President Trump to “grow up” after the president accused the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, of demonstrating poor leadership as the island works to recover from Hurricane Maria.

“Mr. President, I just saw this in PR. Attacking Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz isn’t doing a damn thing to clean it up & begin recovery. Grow up!” Menendez tweeted Saturday, along with an aerial photo of structures destroyed by Hurricane Maria.


Pres.Trump is so unfamiliar w/ what real leadership looks like, that when San Juan Mayor @CarmenYulinCruz shows it, he attacks her. Shameful https://t.co/0ZwYnA6jwR

— Senator Bob Menendez (@SenatorMenendez) October 1, 2017

Hey, what politician wouldn’t want a character voucher from a congressman who’s been hit by the feds with multiple charges of fraud and bribery?

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Rule change! Hillary now says you don’t have to vote for candidate just because she’s a woman

Michelle Malkin - Sat, 09/30/2017 - 17:54

**Written by Doug Powers

Michelle Obama recently said that women who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton “voted against their own voice.” Hillary herself said that some of the women who didn’t vote for her only avoided doing so because they caved into pressure from the men in their lives. In other words, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 effort was a shame-based campaign hinged on the narrative that “women should vote for women.” Now that Clinton’s no longer a candidate, however, she’s made it clear her 2016 rule will not necessarily apply to future elections:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday evening that she would support a woman for president if that candidate was a like-minded Democrat.

“I just hope she’s someone I agree with, so I can support her,” Clinton told a crowd in Toronto Thursday evening.

Rule change! Forget what she told everybody for that year-and-a-half leading up to the election. Clinton now reserves the right to engage in “sexism” as defined by 2016 Hillary and “vote against her own voice” if 2020 requires it.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

NY Times columnist’s dispatch from N. Korea is like an audition for DPRK state media

Michelle Malkin - Fri, 09/29/2017 - 17:06

**Written by Doug Powers

After the inauguration of Donald Trump, the New York Times updated its slogan to “The truth is more important now than ever.” That slogan apparently gets suspended if somebody from the paper is in North Korea — at that point, just parrot DPRK propaganda:

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on Friday echoed North Korean propaganda that says droves of its citizens are signing up to join the military after President Donald Trump’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Kristof wrote on Instagram that “every kid” at a high school in North Korea “supposedly signed up to join the army after the Trump speech to the U.N,” referring to Trump’s address on Sept. 19 when he said the U.S. will “totally destroy North Korea” if forced to defend itself or its allies.

It depends on what your definition of “signed up” is. From the Daily Mail in 2014:

Mandatory service in the country’s 1.19-million-strong military already stands at 10 years, and is the longest conscription period in the world.

Also, in North Korea, there are amusement parks and lots of pizza (for friendly visitors only — a certain journalist might have earned an extra slice this week if he can wrestle it away from Kim Jong-un).

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

School librarian rejects Melania Trump’s donation of ‘racist propaganda’ (aka Dr. Seuss books)

Michelle Malkin - Thu, 09/28/2017 - 19:52

**Written by Doug Powers

This woman’s going to be received as a Resistance hero during the Melvil Dewey Appreciation Society meeting at the next AFSCME convention:

Earlier this month, the first lady sent out collections of 10 Dr. Seuss books to one school in each state to mark National Read a Book Day.

In a letter published on the Horn Book’s Family Reading blog, Cambridgeport Elementary School librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro said that her school wasn’t in need of the books, which included famous titles such as “The Cat in the Hat.”

“I work in a district that has plenty of resources, which contributes directly to ‘excellence,'” she wrote. “My students have access to a school library with over nine thousand volumes and a librarian with a graduate degree in library science.”

Instead, she wrote, the White House should worry more about providing support to schools that are underfunded and subject to government neglect.

“Why not go out of your way to gift books to underfunded and underprivileged communities that continue to be marginalized and maligned by policies put in place by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos?” she wrote.

She sounds like she’d be fun at parties:

“My students have access to a school library with over nine thousand volumes and a librarian with a graduate degree in library science. Multiple studies show that schools with professionally staffed libraries improve student performance,” wrote Phipps Soeiro.

“Professionally staffed libraries improve student performance, and besides, if we’re not here who’s going to tell off wives of politicians we don’t like?”

Did you notice that somebody just tried to donate some books and the librarian threw her resume at everybody? Insecure much!?

The school librarian & apparent charter member of The Resistance also criticized Trump’s selection of Dr. Seuss books:

“You may not be aware of this, but Dr. Seuss is a bit of a cliché, a tired and worn ambassador for children’s literature. As First Lady of the United States, you have an incredible platform with world-class resources at your fingertips,” she wrote.

I’m surprised she didn’t add “and ‘Dr.’ Suess is NO doctor!”

Oh, and also the librarian rejected the books because they promote — you guessed it — racist propaganda:

She then characterized Dr. Seuss’s illustrations as racist and said that they were steeped in “racist propaganda, caricatures, and harmful stereotypes,” listing several examples in her letter.

Uh oh, somebody forgot to tell that to the previous residents of the White House:

Soeiro did not note that former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama both read Dr. Seuss books to children several times during their eight years in the White House.

Nor will any mainstream media journalist who’s been super-serious about his/her profession since January 20th bother to ask her about that.

I can’t be sure but as near as I can tell this particular librarian’s harsh allegation about Dr. Seuss books is based solely on the fact that not a single resident of Whoville took a knee during the singing of Fah Who Foraze, Dah Who Doraze.


It gets even funnier:

Librarian rejects @FLOTUS books on premise: Dr. Seuss = “Racist Propaganda”

Same Librarian: How cute is my ‘Cat in the Hat’ costume? pic.twitter.com/qE3UB6306n

— Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) September 29, 2017

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Michelle Obama scolds women who weren’t strong & independent enough to vote for who she told them to

Michelle Malkin - Wed, 09/27/2017 - 19:47

**Written by Doug Powers

Hopefully Democrats keep this up because being condescending worked so well for them in 2016:

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice,” the former first lady said to a round of applause at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

“It doesn’t say as much about Hillary, and everybody’s trying to worry about what it means for Hillary and no, no, no, what does this mean for us, as women?” she asked. “That we look at those two candidates, as women, and many of us said, ‘He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ To me that just says, you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

Mrs. Obama said women have been socialized, sometimes in “very subtle ways,” to sit and be quiet while the men do all the talking.

Shorter version: “You’re not a strong, independent woman unless you did exactly what we told you to do in lockstep!”

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Safe space scuffle: Fight in Berkeley ‘Empathy Tent’ sends several to irony lockup

Michelle Malkin - Wed, 09/27/2017 - 09:55

**Written by Doug Powers

Attempts to put The Onion out of business are happening on a daily basis now. Here’s the latest:

Members of opposing political groups clashed Tuesday inside a so-called “empathy tent” on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.

At least four people were arrested, police said.

The empathy tent was reportedly in place to offer protesters a calm place to unwind amid the chaos around them. But the tent ultimately offered little respite — and nearly toppled during clashes between conservative students and leftist activists, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Oddly enough, it was a quiet, peaceful night at the local Fight Club. Meanwhile, UC Berkeley administrators will meet today to discuss the creation of super-safe spaces for those seeking shelter from violence at regular safe spaces.


More on the people arrested for being un-empathetic in the Empathy Tent:

Oh no! Multiple arrested after fight inside Berkeley’s ’empathy tent’ | New York Post https://t.co/kSazD2rwi9

— Christina Sommers (@CHSommers) September 27, 2017

(h/t @ScotsFyre)

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

NY Times runs another hot take featuring upside to brutal dictatorship

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 09/26/2017 - 16:31

**Written by Doug Powers

We have reached the summit of 2017, thanks to the op-ed section in the New York Times, and already the urge to jump off is overwhelming:

For all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big https://t.co/Fci82iAPxM

— NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) September 26, 2017

Yep, the “Great Leap Forward” left tens of millions dead, but that Mao sure did sock it to the patriarchy!

Forty years after Mao’s death, this aspect of his legacy is still understood through his famous pronouncement on gender equality, “Women hold up half the sky.” It is a slogan my grandmother utters in the same breath as the chairman’s other sins and deeds.
For all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to dream big. When it came to advice for my mother, my grandmother applauded her daughter’s decision to go to graduate school and urged her to find a husband who would be supportive of her career. She still seems to think that the new market economy — with its meritocracy and freedom of choice — will finally allow women to be masters of their minds and actions.

Being held captive in a pit in some freak’s basement can also cause somebody to “dream big” but that doesn’t mean it calls for articles titled “The Upside of Buffalo Bill.”

The Times has really been churning out the pro-commie op-ed hot takes lately. Check out this one from last month:

Opinion: Why women had better sex under socialismhttps://t.co/cis6jQLgDs

— The New York Times (@nytimes) August 13, 2017

Is there really anything hotter than doing it knowing the KGB’s watching but your parents will never find out because they’re in a gulag for listening to an Elvis Presley bootleg?

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Dueling Headlines, ‘NFL priorities’ edition

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 09/26/2017 - 12:00

**Written by Doug Powers

Here are a few NFL-related headlines from the fairly recent past:

And our dueling headlines today also come to us from the NFL. It seems the league doesn’t always pretend to be a welcoming beacon for free speech and expression:

The league sure does have its priorities.

And of course when Tim Tebow took a knee (for a different reason) many said he was doing a disservice to the game:

(h/t Daily Wire)

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Planned Parenthood backs ‘Do No Harm’ campaign but with MAJOR exceptions

Michelle Malkin - Tue, 09/26/2017 - 00:03

**Written by Doug Powers

If you’re keeping score at home, Planned Parenthood’s self-awareness remains missing and assumed lost forever:

“Do no harm”? Hippocrates unavailable for comment.

Just for irony kicks, this is part of the original version of the Hippocratic Oath:

I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy. In purity and holiness I will guard my life and my art.

And Planned Parenthood adds to that the disclaimer, “*Unless there’s Democrat political power and federal funding at stake.”

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Hillary won’t like ex-Clinton adviser’s take about ‘What Happened’ in 2016

Michelle Malkin - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 18:47

**Written by Doug Powers

Is it too late to have Hillary add a chapter to “What Happened”? Of course it is, because the last thing Hillary Clinton wanted in “What Happened” was any explanation about what actually happened coming from a longtime Dem pollster and adviser:

Stan Greenberg, the man who served as the lead pollster for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign (and Al Gore’s 2000 campaign) has written a long essay titled “How She Lost” that slams Clinton (and her campaign) for a series of messaging, tactical and broader strategic errors.

Greenberg concludes:

“For me, the most glaring examples include the Clinton campaign’s over-dependence on technical analytics; its failure to run campaigns to win the battleground states; the decision to focus on the rainbow base and identity politics at the expense of the working class; and the failure to address the candidate’s growing ‘trust problem,’ to learn from events and reposition.”

Greenberg can’t be right, because that explanation doesn’t contain “Russia,” “Comey,” “Bernie Sanders,” “sexism,” “coal miners who didn’t want ‘green jobs’ instead,” “pro-Trump media bias,” “the media’s Weiner obsession,” “subservient white women,” “Wikileaks,” “antiquated Electoral College,” “Deplorables” or “climate change.”

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

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Pittsburgh Steelers ride out National Anthem *in the locker room (*all but one)

Michelle Malkin - Sun, 09/24/2017 - 13:02

**Written by Doug Powers

Things have gotten so ridiculous it seems the belief is now that if enough knees are taken during the National Anthem that Hillary Clinton will become president and Trump will be out of office. For one team though, none of it will take place on the field. Instead of putting some players on the spot when it comes to taking a knee (or not) in public, the Pittsburgh Steelers moved it all to the locker room:

As part of a wave of protests throughout the NFL in the wake of President Donald Trump’s NFL-related comments, the Steelers will not be on the field for the playing of the national anthem before their game against the Bears on Sunday.

Coach Mike Tomlin told CBS his team would remain in the locker room for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

“These are very divisive times for our country,” Tomlin said. “For us, as a football team, it’s about us remaining solid. We are not gonna be divided by anything said by anyone. That’s the thing that I posted to our guys. I said, ‘If you feel the need to do anything, I’m going to be supportive of that. As Americans, you have that right.’ But whatever we do, we’re gonna do 100 percent, we’re gonna do together. We’re not gonna let divisive times or divisive individuals affect our agenda. This collection of men, we’re chasing something here in 2017, and we’re not gonna play politics with football players, with football coaches.

“100 percent”? What if a player breaks with the group, heads out onto the field and stands for the Anthem? Maybe this is how it all ends: Eventually, the controversial players won’t be the ones who kneel during the National Anthem, but the ones who don’t, and since it appears many NFL players love to be controversial, perhaps they’ll join in and the whole thing will come full circle. Or maybe a big ratings & revenue decline will make ownership decide that “bake the cake” isn’t only for bakers.

By the way, I think most people remember that “take a knee” was started by a currently out-of-a-job quarterback who wore “pig cop” socks and shirts sporting pictures of both Che Guevara and Castro. Players kneeling aren’t harming Trump at all — maybe quite the opposite.


I asked what would happen if a player did this, and one delivered:

Alejandro Villanueva was the lone Steelers player to come out during the national anthem pic.twitter.com/Jl7id3EGnk

— SB Nation (@SBNation) September 24, 2017

Villanueva’s a former Army Ranger.

Update II:

I predicted that eventually the most “controversial” (according to the lib media & progressive left) players would be the ones who do stand, not the ones who don’t. It didn’t take long:

.@steelers coach Mike Tomlin raps Alejandro Villanueva for standing for the national anthem https://t.co/j6NSWfPNZO

— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 25, 2017

Update III:

Really a sad state of affairs that it’s come to this:

“I made my teammates look bad, and that is my fault and my fault only.”https://t.co/kIVI5YxuAE

— SB Nation (@SBNation) September 25, 2017

Decorated veteran feels embarrassed because he felt compelled to stand for the Anthem when his teammates didn’t. 2017 is out of control.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Wife of Bill Clinton points out which women are ‘publicly disrespecting themselves’

Michelle Malkin - Sat, 09/23/2017 - 17:31

**Written by Doug Powers

Hillary Clinton continues her search to find out “What Happened,” but she won’t consider the possibility that the answer is “the Dems ran an entitled, delusional candidate with no self-awareness whatsoever”:

Hillary Clinton said Saturday that some women are “publicly disrespecting themselves” in their support of President Trump.

“When I see women doing that, I think why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace? In a community setting? Do they not see the connection there?” Clinton told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.”

Clinton made the comments when asked about pro-Trump women who wear profane t-shirts “that used the b-word, the c-word about you.”

The dictionary now has a new definition for “chutzpah.”

Hillary Clinton on sexism: "It is still not viewed as the serious threat it is to women's aspirations" https://t.co/IuUXpcOjhU

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) September 23, 2017

This concern about “threats to women” brought to you by the woman who once helped manage “bimbo eruptions”:

But Mrs. Clinton took a very different approach herself 25 years ago as the wife of then-Gov. Bill Clinton, leading the effort to discredit women who came forward with their own stories of harassment or assault by her husband.

Campaign narratives written by reporters detailed how she honchoed the campaign team that handled “bimbo eruptions,” digging up personal papers and official records that could be used to undercut the stories told by a series of women.

One top aide later recounted Mrs. Clinton’s intent to “destroy” the story of one accuser, while former adviser Dick Morris said Mrs. Clinton engaged in “blackmail” to try to force women to recant their stories.

Keep on talking, Hillary! Trump’s re-election campaign will appreciate it.

Lastly, remember that the puritanical t-shirt criticism is coming from the ex-candidate who helps hawk these for Planned Parenthood:

Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt!https://t.co/I9qd3M3cFq pic.twitter.com/XDpBcFqF7k

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 11, 2017

What was she just saying about who are “publicly disrespecting themselves”?

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

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Surprise! Look who was helping Jimmy Kimmel with ‘nonpartisan’ talking points

Michelle Malkin - Fri, 09/22/2017 - 22:08

**Written by Doug Powers

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel quickly became the face of the entertainment wing of The Resistance to Obamacare repeal recently — specifically as it pertains to the Graham-Cassidy bill. Now that Graham-Cassidy looks to be dead in the water (thanks in part to John McCain, who has many new fans on the Left), more details are surfacing. One MSNBC journo leaned forward far enough to call Kimmel’s opposition to Graham-Cassidy “nonpartisan,” but, to paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what your definition of “nonpartisan” is:

Behind the scenes, the ABC star was getting an assist. Kimmel and his team were in touch with health care officials, charities and advocacy groups, multiple sources told The Daily Beast. He also was in touch with the office of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) who, according to a source familiar with their conversations, “provided technical guidance and info about the bill, as well as stats from various think tanks and experts on the effects of [Graham-Cassidy].”

The three episodes in which Kimmel tore apart both Cassidy—who had previously insisted that any health care bill pass a so-called “Jimmy Kimmel test”—and the bill’s specifics helped galvanize public and political opposition to the legislation.
The two had been in touch “periodically” over the last several months as prior legislative efforts were considered and their conversations continued when Graham-Cassidy began gaining steam.

Hopefully the senior senator from New York gets a chance to autograph the cue cards he helped write for the late night host’s “bipartisan” effort to oppose the latest O-care repeal effort.

And for the MSM who are at the moment probably saying to themselves “so Kimmel talked to Schumer, big deal,” here’s a hypothetical scenario:

Imagine if Leno had taken an anti-Obama stance, and it came out he had been fed talking points by Mitch McConnell https://t.co/VMWGGH7P6W

— Alex Griswold (@HashtagGriswold) September 22, 2017

The horror!

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

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DiCaprio supports belief-based test to hold office (Out: Theocracy – In: Leo-cracy?)

Michelle Malkin - Fri, 09/22/2017 - 17:25

**Written by Doug Powers

Who’s up for another “global warming” science lecture from mega hypocrites with Titanic-sized carbon footprints? Me neither, but sometimes it has to be done:

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio says history will judge President Trump harshly for his inaction on climate change.

Speaking Tuesday at a Yale University climate conference, DiCaprio lashed out at Trump for pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.

“We are going to look back at this point in history, and frankly this administration, and certain people are going to be vilified for not taking action,” he said, according to the Hartford Courant.

“We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts and truths and modern science that are able to manipulate and risk the entire future of this entire generation,” he told former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Is there anything less science-y than the words “believe in” followed by “science”? Maybe instead of “theocracy” that particular belief-based system of government could be known as a Leo-cracy.

If I were the president I’d sign an EO officially grounding the private planes of Kerry, DiCaprio, Gore and so many others and say “you wanted me to take action on emissions, you got it!

And by the way, DiCaprio took that shot at “deniers” while this guy nodded his big noggin in approval:

In winter, he [Kerry] goes helicopter skiing while staying at his wife’s Idaho retreat, a 15th-century farmhouse transported from England and reassembled on the banks of the Big Wood River in Sun Valley. In summer, he windsurfs and sails off the coast of Nantucket, where she has another home. The couple have an 18th-century town house in Boston where the kitchen is two stories high. There is a 23-room town house in Washington, an 88-acre Pittsburgh area estate, a private Gulfstream jet and a personal staff of six, including caretakers and a cook.

On the upside, by saying climate change “deniers” shouldn’t hold public office, at least DiCaprio slammed the door in his own face when it comes to a potential political career:

If we could only harness the power of rich celeb eco-hypocrisy, the world’s energy problems would be solved.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Of course: Celeb obsessed with impeaching Trump launches ‘nonpartisan’ election probe

Michelle Malkin - Thu, 09/21/2017 - 19:05

**Written by Doug Powers

Rob Reiner, who calls for Trump’s impeachment at least a dozen times a day not counting the times he blurts it out in his sleep, is spearheading a totally nonpartisan review of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and won’t stop until Hillary’s inaugurated:

Big Hollywood names have helped found the Committee to Investigate Russia, a nonprofit aiming to spread information about Russia’s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and create debate about possible threats to the country’s institutions. The committee launched Tuesday in the U.S., with director Rob Reiner on the advisory board and actor Morgan Freeman featured in an introductory video.

“The Russian Active Measures campaign aimed at the United States has been exposed,” reads a statement on the organization’s website. “Using hacking, Twitter armies, and fake news, the Kremlin engaged in an aggressive effort to subvert the American democratic process.”

The Committee to Investigate Russia said it wants to be a nonprofit, non-partisan resource to “help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy,” it continues.

They should have named it “Russian to Judgment.” And of course CNN can parrot the “nonpartisan” part without using laugh quotes:

They’d still be doing all this even if Hillary has won, right? RIGHT!?

It’s weird that they didn’t show any clips of Obama mocking Romney for calling Russia a threat in 2012, or Hillary handing Lavrov a “reset button” in 2009.

As for Rob Reiner’s father, Carl, he’s stoked by the possibility of something that will never happen:

Is there anything more exciting that the possibility of Trump's election being invalidated & Hillary rightfully installed as our President?

— carl reiner (@carlreiner) September 20, 2017

Anybody want to break the bad news to him?

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Categories: Conservative Views

Hillary Clinton dubs self ‘Paula Revere’ who warned ‘the Russians are coming!’

Michelle Malkin - Wed, 09/20/2017 - 19:47

**Written by Doug Powers

Listen, my Resistance, and you shall hear
Of the damaged pride of Paula Revere,
On the eighth of November, in darkest sixteen:
Nearly every person on the American scene
Was blamed for events that fateful year.

–First stanza of “Midnight Lied of Paula Revere”


Yep, that’s right, Hillary Clinton really said she’s “Paula Revere” last night:

Hillary Clinton compared herself to Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere on Tuesday, saying that she is “Paula Revere” sounding the alarm on Russian active measures during the 2016 presidential campaign.
In her interview, Clinton suggested that she has led the push to call out the Russian government and Russian president Vladimir Putin about their involvement in the U.S. election.

“I am saying as clearly as I can — I feel like I’m a bit of a, you know, Paula Revere — I’m trying to sound the alarm about this,” Clinton said to a smattering of laughter and applause.

The buried lede in that story is “Hillary Clinton gives up politics to focus on career in comedy.”

Clinton’s comparison only works if Revere had handed King George a “reset” button shortly before the Revolution started and joined others in mocking anybody who declared England to be a geopolitical threat to the colonies. Nice try though, Hillary.

**Written by Doug Powers

Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

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