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Ted Cruz masterfully trolls Nancy Pelosi with witty tweet mocking Democrats’ election losses

The Blaze - 7 hours 17 min ago

Amid continued election losses for the Democratic Party, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has come under fire by many on the left who say that she is part of the problem with the Democratic Party and why it keeps losing elections.

After losing the White House to Republicans and Donald Trump last year, Democrats have continued to suffer losses in special elections in 2017.

In April, Ron Estes (R) defeated Jim Thompson (D) in a special election to fill Kansas’ fourth congressional district, which was vacated by Mike Pompeo, who now serves as the director of the CIA. And in May, Greg Gianforte (R) defeated Rob Quist (D) to fill Montana’s at-large congressional district that was vacated bych Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

And just this week, two more Democrats lost special elections in South Carolina and Georgia. Democrats claimed “moral victories,” but Republicans were the party celebrating actual victories.

To put it lightly, the losses Democrats have faced since the 2010 midterms have been staggering. Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. They also control a majority of state legislators and governorships. It’s only natural for Democrats, then, to question its party leaders over the continued losses.

So when Pelosi was confronted Thursday over whether or not her leadership has contributed to the losses, Pelosi unequivocally defeated herself, claiming she’s become a “target” for being a “master legislator.

According to Breitbart, Pelosi said:

We believe there’s a real opportunity. Now, it’s not a slam dunk. History is on our side, but it takes strategic, unified and disciplined — to have harmony. It doesn’t mean we have anonymity, but we have unity when it comes to that fight. Should I sing my praises? Well, I am a master legislator. I am a strategic politically astute leader. My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I am able to attract the support that I do which is essential to our election, sad to say.

It’s clear that Pelosi wants to keep her position as a leader in the Democratic Party. And while many young progressives on the left may not like that, Sen. Ted Cruz made it clear Saturday that he would be OK with Pelosi’s tenure as a Democratic leader continuing.

“Absolutely right. Dems should keep Pelosi as their Leader…forever,” Cruz wrote on Twitter Saturday afternoon.

Absolutely right. Dems should keep Pelosi as their Leader…forever.

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) June 24, 2017

Cruz’ tweet, an obvious quip, implies that as a Republican he wants Pelosi to be in a Democratic leadership position given the massive losses Democrats have suffered under her leadership.

And Cruz may get his wish. Pelosi, 77, is expected to run for re-election in 2018. Her district covers the majority of San Francisco and is heavily Democratic.

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The Antithesis of Obstruction

Real Clear Politics - 7 hours 36 min ago
Andrew McCarthy, National Review
The collusion narrative was a fraud, plain and simple. We know that now. Hopefully, it won't take another six months to grasp a second plain and simple truth: Collusion's successor, the obstruction narrative, is a perversion. The Left loves narrative. The ever-expanding story manipulates time, space, and detail to fit a thematic framework. Political narrative has some surface appeal, but it is deeply flawed. It obscures plain and simple truth. So let's stick with the plain and simple: The essence of obstruction is to frustrate the search for truth. Its antithesis is to demand the exposure of...
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Watch: Alabama woman caught in flash flood heroically saved from Chick-fil-A sinkhole

The Blaze - 7 hours 41 min ago

A woman in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was saved by several Good Samaritans at a Chick-fil-A on Friday after the woman’s car was suddenly swept away by a flood.

In the midst of an extreme storm, a woman attempted to drive through rising waters near a Chick-fil-A restaurant and mall. As she slowed her vehicle at a stop sign, the car was carried by floodwaters into a nearby drainage ditch, according to WHNT-TV. A group of passerbys acted swiftly to save the woman. They locked arms, forming a human chain, and successfully pulled the driver to safety.

According to Kaycee Brooks Karcher, who captured a video of the harrowing experience on Facebook, the woman’s “car was filling with water and she was stuck inside.”

Karcher’s video was picked up by local news outlets, eventually garnering the attention of Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” which aired the video on Sunday morning. Karcher’s video has already been viewed more than 27,000 times on Facebook.

“There was running water, moving water, across the roadway. When she stopped at the stop sign, the current of the water pulled her vehicle into the drainage ditch,” said Captain Tommy Skipworth of Muscle Shoals Police Department, reported WHNT. “If there’s moving water in the roadway, you need to stop and go the other way.”

Alabama was hit with extreme weather on Friday as remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy caused a number of flash floods, power outages and high winds. Near Birmingham, Alabama, a tornado struck, injuring four and causing severe damage to numerous homes and cars.

Here are remnants of the EF-2 tornado that struck #Fairfield yesterday. @LaurenWalshTV has live updates on #GMA and @abc3340. #Alwx

— Lee Smith (@Studlee73) June 23, 2017

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Dear Congress: Forget Trump's Tweets & Pass the Big Bills

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 3 min ago
Bruce Bialosky, Townhall
Democrats want to derail any positive activity by the Republican Congress by investigating a phantom Russian crime.
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The President's Actions Say He's Guilty

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 9 min ago
Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo
The best analog to President Trump's stance toward the Russia probe and his refusal to accept that Russian interference even...
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Why Hasn't the Real Estate President Fixed Housing Yet?

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 9 min ago
Daniel Malloy, Ozy
The housing market has recovered on the surface, but big changes could be in store.
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Is There Anything Grit Can't Do?

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 10 min ago
Kay Hymowitz, Wall Street Journal
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How to Take Advantage of the Retail Apocalypse

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 11 min ago
Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
Amazon's stunning acquisition last week of Whole Foods signaled an inflection point in the development of retail, notably the $800 billion supermarket sector. The massive shift of retail to the webâ?¦
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Why It's Hard to Trust the FBI

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 11 min ago
David Keene, Washington Times
Can anyone with a modicum of common sense trust the Federal Bureau of investigation? The answer to that question is a resounding no. The claim that the FBI strives to be above politics is today and has always been absurd. When former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover admitted in an interview that his agents had tapped the phones of 1964 Republican candidate Barry Goldwater and even bugged his campaign plane, Mr. Hoover told his interviewer, who wondered how someone in his position could so cavalierly ignore the law and the constitutional rights of American citizens, that when the president asks...
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Who Killed Otto Warmbier?

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 11 min ago
Isaac Stone Fish, Politico
Visiting North Korea can be safe. But the tour company that lost an American student made key mistakes, people on the trip say.
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Should We Hate Cops, or Hug Them?

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 11 min ago
Carl M. Cannon, Orange County Register
The long-delayed release of the Philando Castile video, along with a Minnesota jury's inexplicable decision to acquit the policeman who killed him, raises basic questions of self-governance in thisâ?¦
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The Banana Republic of Illinois

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 11 min ago
Stephen Moore, Investor's Business Daily
The media has hyper-obsessed over the Kansas tax hike this year and has sold this as a repudiation of "supply side economics." But the real story in the states has been the catastrophic effects of "tax and spend" fiscal policy in Illinois. Last week Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner continued his three-year standoff with House Speaker for Life Mike Madigan's liberal Democratic machine over a $5 billion annual income-tax hike. The Democrats have dug in their heels.
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Bernie Sanders and his wife are being investigated by the FBI — now they’re lawyering up

The Blaze - 8 hours 11 min ago

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and his wife, Jane, have hired top-notch defense attorneys amid an FBI investigation probing Jane for potentially committing fraud.

It was reported last month that the FBI is actively investigating Jane for potentially committing fraud during the time that she served as the president of Burlington College between 2004 and 2011.

At the center of the investigation is a $10 million loan that Jane secured from People’s United Bank in 2010 in order to purchase 33 acres of land for the school. When applying for the loan, FBI investigators allege that Sanders distorted donor levels to make it appear the school was in a better financial position than it really was.

More from The Hill:

She claimed the college could count on $2.6 million in donations to pay for the purchased land, according to a 2010 loan application. But she ultimately raised only a fourth of that, making $676,000 in donations over the next four years, putting the college into bankruptcy in May 2016.

The numbers that donors say they pledged compared to what Sanders documented differ, according the report.

The report cites an example where Corinne Bove Maietta pledged to give $1 million over half a decade, according to the 2010 loan application. Maietta, however, says she did not make that pledge, saying she offered a bequest of an unspecified amount to be paid to the college when she died, the report said.

The FBI’s investigation was originally reported by, a watchdog website covering Vermont politics.

To make matters worse, federal investigators are also looking into whether or not Bernie Sanders used his clout as a U.S. congressman to help his wife obtain her loan for the school.

In response to the building investigation, Sanders and his wife have lawyered up.

From Politico Magazine:

The couple has retained Rich Cassidy, a well-connected Burlington attorney and Sanders devotee, and Larry Robbins, the renowned Washington-based defense attorney who has represented I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby and disgraced former Rep. Bill Jefferson, to represent Jane Sanders in the matter.

Burlington College closed it doors for good last year after going bankrupt.

Sanders and his wife have denied any wrongdoing and have suggested the investigation is based on politics, according to the New York Daily News.

“This implication came from Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign manager. It’s from Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Vermont,” Sanders said last month, according to the Daily News. “Let me leave it at that because at this point it would be improper for me to say any more.”

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Donald Skunks the Democrats

Real Clear Politics - 8 hours 12 min ago
Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Four participation trophies later, the Democrats finally take a look in the mirror. Even they aren't sure who's staring back.
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Pro-life doctor fights state law forcing him to act against his religion

The Blaze - 8 hours 32 min ago

Obstetrician Dr. Robert Lawler is fighting a new Illinois state law that forces him and other health providers to assist people in getting abortions, even though it’s against his faith and religious convictions.

He spoke to Tucker Carlson Friday on Fox News about it.

“Last year that state passed a law that requires all doctors,” Carlson explained, “pharmacists and pregnancy centers to assist pregnant women in getting abortions, even if they are morally opposed to killing.”

“You’re a pro-life physician,” he continued, “obviously you believe that abortion is the taking of a life. You’re morally opposed to it. You are now required by the state of Illinois to facilitate it, or to recommend a place to get one, if asked?”

“That’s correct, Tucker, in fact,” Lawler responded, “we’re supposed to counsel the patient on the purported benefits of abortion, which, of course, there are none, and then if asked to provide a referral for an abortion, and also provide a list of nearby abortion facilities, where the vulnerable woman can procure the abortion.”

“A clear violation of our conscience rights,” he concluded.

“What if you don’t do it, what if you disobey?” asked Carlson.

“Well there can be sanctions and penalties and I suppose eventually,” Lawler replied, “removal of your medical license. I guess that’s where this is heading isn’t it, down the road. And that’s the concern and that’s why we’re filing suit against Governor Rauner and the state of Illinois with the fine attorneys at the Thomas More Society to really stop this egregious attempt, an end-around if you will, of the existence conscience laws that exist on the federal and the state books.”

“As you recall I’m an obstetrician so by the very nature I have two patients,” Lawler explained, “I have a mother and a baby. And it’s ludicrous to think that I could refer my patients off, one to be executed and the other to be mortally wounded for the rest of her life with the sense of regret.”

“So we’re trying to do the exact opposite,” he concluded, “we’re trying to offer an alternative to that terrible decision.”

Illinois’ SB 1564 act changes the state’s Health Care Right of Conscience Act to force pro-life doctors and pharmacists to assist patients in obtaining abortions.

“I cannot and will not comply with this law that is a complete affront to my conscience beliefs, my firmly held religious beliefs, that life is sacred,” Lawler added. “I became a physician to help people, not to harm them.”

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