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Conservative News | Strongsville Republican Club

Conservative News

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Venezuela’s regional elections went about as well as you’d expect

HotAir - 9 hours 48 min ago

You might have missed it in the flood of other news over the past week, but there were elections held in Venezuela! No… not new presidential elections or selections of an actual legislative body. (Don’t be silly… Nicolas Maduro was never going to go for that.) But there were regional elections to select the governors of the various regions, the mayors of the cities and other municipal and regional positions.

So how did that turn out? If you’re at all familiar with the methods of the ruling socialist party (harkening back to the days of Chavez) and their peculiar idea of “fairness” you won’t be surprised to learn that the government has declared Maduro’s party the winner in a landslide. Yes… you may now scoff as you see fit. (Associated Press)

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council said candidates for the socialist movement founded by the late President Hugo Chavez won nearly all of the 23 governorships up for grabs in Sunday’s regional elections. Opposition leaders disputed the accuracy of the vote count.

Independent pollsters had projected the opposition would ride a wave of discontent over Venezuela’s economic calamity and win a majority of the state elections for the first time in nearly two decades of socialist rule.

Tibisay Lucena, the pro-government president of the electoral council, said socialist party candidates won 17 of the 22 races in which the outcomes were considered “irreversible” late Sunday. One race was still undecided.

Imagine that. In a country where people regularly take to the streets in droves to protest the abuses of the tyrant who has effectively terminated the elected government and established a dictatorship, the party of the dictator in question “won” nearly all the major races. Isn’t democracy a miracle?

Maduro was quick to express his “absolute faith” in the results posted by the Electoral Council. And how could he not? They wouldn’t dare put up a number that might anger him. But not everyone was sharing the President’s optimism and confidence. The remaining opposition party leaders who are somehow not in prison and still willing to speak out were less than sanguine about the results.

[S]hortly before Tibisay Lucena, president of the government-stacked council, declared the results, opposition mayor Gerardo Blyde came out to warn that leaders believed the official count would be off.

“We have already alerted the international community and we are alerting the country,” he said.

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, is quoted as saying, “There is a wide disparity between the poll numbers and the results which show that these elections were not free and fair and don’t reflect the will of the people. I think that’s going to deepen the polarization.”

It’s difficult to see how any international effort is going to give the people of Venezuela a shot at an actual, honest election at this point. You could turn Diogenes loose with his lamp all over the government buildings in Caracas and he’d die of starvation before completing his mission. Some of us have been fretting over this situation and sounding the alarm for at least the past two years, but the moment of opportunity has clearly passed. Democracy in Venezuela (such as it was before all of this) has entirely failed. The people are under the thrall of a tyrant who enriches himself at the expense of his people and imprisons or simply murders those who dare to speak out against him.

The solution? There isn’t one as far as I can tell. Venezuela is well on its way to becoming another hermit kingdom in the mold of North Korea and Iran. And Maduro will have the support of both China and Russia to prop up his collapsed economy going forward. Unless and until there is some sort of populist revolution (which would be a prolonged and bloody debacle itself) the good guys have lost another one in South America.

The post Venezuela’s regional elections went about as well as you’d expect appeared first on Hot Air.

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'Ferguson' Play is Stirring Up Controversy

Townhall.com - 10 hours 4 min ago
Controversial Ferguson play is getting its premiere in New York.
Categories: Conservative News

Saints players stay on knee during moment of silence for fallen police officer—and fans aren’t happy

The Blaze - 10 hours 15 min ago
What happened?
  • Most New Orleans Saints players took a knee prior to the national anthem at their Sunday home game against the Detroit Lions and then stood for the anthem, just as they did the previous week, ESPN reported.
  • Problem was that players remained in their take-a-knee position during a moment of silence for fallen New Orleans Police Officer Marcus McNeil, 29, who was killed in the line of duty Friday, NOLA.com said.

#NOPD mourning the loss of Officer Marcus McNeil, killed in the line of duty pic.twitter.com/TrF2OXt7qw

— Kristin Pierce WWLTV (@KPierceTV) October 13, 2017

How did fans react?
  • Fans apparently didn’t like that one bit, and they booed the players, NOLA.com added.
  • Fans then cheered as the players stood for the anthem, NOLA.com said.

Here’s a clip:

#Saints fans boo after #Saints players kneel before national anthem, then cheer after players elect to stand throughout. pic.twitter.com/uP9xbjL1TH

— Andrew Doak (@AndrewDoak_WWL) October 15, 2017

What happened to Officer McNeil?
  • McNeil was one of four officers patrolling an area around 12:15 a.m. Friday when they “saw something that aroused their suspicion,” NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison told NOLA.com in a separate story.
  • When at least one officer exited a police car, a gunman opened fire and struck McNeil several times, the outlet reported.
  • McNeil collapsed at the scene and was pronounced dead at a hospital, NOLA.com said.
  • The gunman was shot several times and later surrendered to a SWAT team, Harrison told the outlet, which reported that the gunman was arrested and is recovering at a hospital.
  • McNeil was sworn in as an officer April 2, 2015, and is survived by his wife and two children, ages 2 and 5, NOLA.com reported.
What did others have to say about the Saints’ kneeling?


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Trump Tweets: Tax Reform, Hypocritical Chuck Schumer, Crooked Hillary, and the Economy

Townhall.com - 10 hours 22 min ago
President Trump was busy tweeting Monday morning about a wide range of topics, including tax reform and the stock market to crooked Hillary Clinton and Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
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Clinton Foundation: We’re not returning Weinstein’s money, thank you

HotAir - 10 hours 28 min ago

Saturday’s question to Chelsea Clinton, which drew two awkward non-responses, finally gets an answer today. A Clinton Foundation spokesman tells the Daily Mail that they will not return donations from Harvey Weinstein, amounting to as much as $250,000, after allegations have emerged about his being a serial sexual predator. For one thing, the money’s long been spent:

A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation told DailyMail.com that the group will not return Weinstein’s donations, which totaled between $100,000 and $250,000.

He said Weinstein’s last contribution to the group was in 2014.

The spokesman said the foundation already spent the money on its programs, such as lowering the cost of HIV medication and supporting women and girls in developing countries.

The question of Weinstein’s money has prompted a debate about just how far politicians, political organizations, and charities have to go to distance themselves from scandal-tainted benefactors. Roll Call’s Walter Shapiro gripes that Republicans are hypocrites for attempting to tar Hillary with Weinstein in the Age of Trump, and about the divestment demand in general:

The RNC talking points are emblematic of why politics has become a house of ill repute. These days, there is no partisan argument that is too cretinous or too hypocritical to be brandished against the opposition. For the Republicans — with Trump in the White House — to portray the Democrats as uniquely solicitous of sexual predators assumes that the typical American voter is an amnesiac with the intellect of a dead flashlight battery.

None of this is to deny that Weinstein had dozens of enablers, including a few in Democratic politics. With Weinstein offering an easy entree to Hollywood glamor, it was tempting to ignore the vague rumors about his personal conduct. As a result, the former first family obviously skimped on due diligence this year when they arranged for Malia Obama to serve an internship with the Weinstein Company.

Most Democratic senators who solicited and received Weinstein’s campaign cash probably gave the entire transaction little thought. Weinstein was not a felon, a foreigner or a business fraud, so his contributions never set off any alarm bells. No one in politics has ever articulated a policy of accepting campaign cash only from donors of proven high moral character. …

This does not mean that a congressional incumbent is automatically off the hook if a close friend and loyal donor is indicted for bank fraud. And it is certainly legitimate to ask questions if a senator spent the Christmas holidays at the vacation home of someone now accused of sexual misconduct. But all this presupposes a much closer relationship than merely cashing campaign checks.

Well, it matters if the donor in question isn’t just cutting $2700 checks but throws gala fundraisers that put almost two million dollars into a candidate’s coffers at a pop, and who later gets invitations from said candidate to exclusive-access parties. It matters especially if the donor turns out to be a decades-long sexual predator and the candidate ran as the Defender of All Women, who still won’t address her own husband’s victims in anything but dismissive terms. Speaking of which, it matters even more when the donor provided funds for the husband’s legal defense when those allegations emerged. Taking five days to issue a “shocked and appalled” statement about such a close benefactor in the middle of a book tour is at least basic incompetence, and certainly noteworthy considering that candidate’s insistence on staying in national politics.

Politics relies on perception as well as policy. Getting rid of Weinstein’s cash is good for perception in politics, even on a symbolic level, especially since the damage of embracing a scandal-ridden figure like Weinstein is usually immediate. That might apply to charitable organizations too, but if the money has already been spent, it risks becoming unfairly punitive.

It also risks being ironically counterproductive in some instances. The Daily Mail notes that Rutgers has refused to return a $100,000 Weinstein grant for its feminist studies program, but USC will send back $5 million for a program aimed at boosting female filmmakers. Is that the wise course? Shouldn’t the solution to the Weinsteins of the entertainment industry aim at putting women in more positions of power and accountability in order to give victims of this kind of abuse an outlet to expose it sooner and more effectively? How does taking $5 million from this program and handing it back to Harvey make the situation better for young women looking to enter the film industry on their own terms?

This brings us back to the Clinton Foundation, which is a charity only in the strict legal sense. It operated as a political organization for its entire existence, an influence-building structure that allowed the Clintons to keep paying salaries to key personnel and keep big-ticket donors within a glamorous inner circle. Even its charitable functions existed only to boost the political fortunes of Clinton Inc and the march back to the White House.

The timing of that final Weinstein donation is interesting for reasons unrelated to the scandal. By 2014, Hillary Clinton had conducted her book tour for the memoir Hard Choices, and had begun to transition to campaign mode for her presidential run. Hillary no longer needed the foundation for keeping talent in-house and working the big-ticket donor list; she needed people donating directly to her campaign and the DNC. It’s almost certainly not a coincidence that foundation donations “tanked” in 2015, as was widely reported late last year.

Now that it’s more or less defunct in that sense, the big-ticket donors won’t be all that engaged in it either, so they probably don’t have the cash to spare. But it was that dynamic that Weinstein exploited to amplify his power and make him seem even more unassailable to his victims, and the Clinton Foundation should want to distance themselves from that as much as possible. They don’t want to give back the money, which is also certainly noteworthy. Why not screen those funds off and create a fund to assist women victimized by sexual assault and harassment in the workplace? That would be a public relations win, but clearly the Clinton circle remains just as clueless on messaging as they were over the last few years.

The post Clinton Foundation: We’re not returning Weinstein’s money, thank you appeared first on Hot Air.

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FLASHBACK: Sen. Chris Murphy Called Bowe Bergdahl an 'American Hero'

Townhall.com - 10 hours 29 min ago
This tweet aged like an avocado.
Categories: Conservative News

WATCH: President Trump Delivers a Statement

Townhall.com - 10 hours 41 min ago
Starting at 1:45.
Categories: Conservative News

Celebrity publicists are reportedly avoiding Megyn Kelly’s new show

The Blaze - 10 hours 44 min ago

After reports emerged that “Megyn Kelly Today” was destroying NBC’s morning ratings, celebrity publicists spoke to Variety and revealed that they are avoiding her show.

What did they say?

Variety said that even though celebrity publicists are interested in booking their clients on various “Today” segments, Kelly’s time block isn’t one of them.

  • “I literally haven’t pitched anyone even from right out the gate,” one publicist said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “The buzz that is out there is so bad.”
  • Another publicist — speaking on behalf of a celebrity who has already appeared on the show — said, “I won’t plan to have others go on. None specifically have been offered or asked to, but it’ll be my preference not to.”
  • “I am in the middle at the moment, leaning towards not booking for now,”  a third publicist told Variety. “What I have seen so far hasn’t been great. I am open to see how she does and if there is improvement, then I would more likely book. I am just not sure what type of celeb interviewer she is. She’s awkward at the moment.”
Why are publicists and insiders saying that Kelly’s show is tanking?

According to one publicist, Fox News and President Donald Trump are to blame.

“I don’t even know if it’s as much her as it is Fox News,” the publicist said. “Because she came from Fox News, she was set up for failure because the industry is so polarized now and no one wants to touch anything associated with Trump.”

Another insider claimed that the “Today” franchise didn’t seem to know what they were doing with Kelly’s show.

The insider, who reportedly attended summer meetings held between “Megyn Kelly Today” producers and celebrity publicity firms, stated that the show’s team did not seem to have a clear concept of Kelly’s show, and could not pitch it accordingly. The insider said that few celebrities were interested in coming on a show whose concept wasn’t as cut and dry as other daytime television shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Dr. Oz.”

What has NBC said about the allegations?

A spokesperson for NBC told Variety that “Megyn Kelly Today” is not struggling to book celebrity guests.

  • “We have celebrities booked for weeks and months to come,” a network representative said.
  • The rep added that stars like Goldie Hawn, Miles Teller, and Alec Baldwin are slated to appear on Kelly’s show.
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WATCH: White House Daily Press Briefing

Townhall.com - 10 hours 44 min ago
Starting at 2:00 p.m.
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On Tillerson’s “until the first bomb drops” comment

HotAir - 11 hours 7 min ago

The cable news talking heads are all abuzz this morning over Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s CNN interview yesterday. Most of the hot takes focused on the did he or didn’t he question regarding the alleged “moron” statement. (Allahpundit covered that one yesterday.) But the other juicy bit dealt with the future of diplomatic negotiations regarding North Korea.

As you may have heard by now, when asked if there was still a peaceful path forward, Tillerson stated that diplomacy was on the table, “until the first bomb drops.” That’s a rather unfortunate way to word it in today’s overheated political landscape, but when looked at in context it’s little more than business as usual. (Associated Press)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving the North Korean crisis “will continue until the first bomb drops.”

That statement comes despite President Donald Trump’s tweets a couple of weeks ago that his chief envoy was “wasting his time” trying to negotiate with “Little Rocket Man,” a mocking nickname Trump has given the nuclear-armed nation’s leader Kim Jong Un.

“I think he does want to be clear with Kim Jong Un and that regime in North Korea that he has military preparations ready to go and he has those military options on the table. And we have spent substantial time actually perfecting those,” Tillerson told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“But be clear: The president has also made clear to me that he wants this solved diplomatically. He’s not seeking to go to war,” Tillerson said.

The actual line in question came a bit later in the conversation, but that excerpt was really the bit that laid the groundwork for it. By the time the Secretary of State got around to dropping the rhetorical bomb it should have already been defused. He said that the President, “has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts, which we are, and I’ve told others those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops.”

Sadly for Rex, those last five words make for a great headline and they’re blowing up on social media (if you’ll pardon the pun). That’s excusable to a certain degree. When you say until the bomb drops rather than unless the bomb drops you make it sound like more of a foregone conclusion. And he’s not exactly being specific about who might be dropping that first bomb… us or them.

But in the end, let’s remind ourselves that this isn’t an interview with the President. Tillerson is the Secretary of State and he doesn’t have the power to declare war. In fact, his job is essentially the opposite. He should be flogging the diplomacy horse as long as it has a pulse and not give up on that effort until and unless the North Koreans launch an attack or Trump decides to initiate hostilities on his own.

In the meantime, both Trump and Tillerson have to be getting the impression that the latest round of sanctions is at least doing something. Word on the Asian street is that Kim Jong-un is so desperate for money that he’s opening up racetrack gambling in his nation. (Reuters)

Punters in North Korea who once risked three years hard labor for gambling are now able to bet on local horse races as the isolated country scrambles to unearth new sources of hard currency amid intensifying international sanctions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been building resorts, swimming pools and other luxurious leisure facilities in what experts say is a bid to capture some of the individual wealth generated by growing private markets for goods and services.

You know, that’s just a stellar idea. It’s no wonder that North Korea is so amazingly successful with leadership like this. What’s the best thing you could do for a nation full of people who are literally starving to death in their fields! Give them a chance to squander what few pennies they have left on a brand new gambling addiction? But don’t let the odds bother you. If you don’t play you can’t win, right?

The post On Tillerson’s “until the first bomb drops” comment appeared first on Hot Air.

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Here are the world’s 10 most dangerous cities for women and what they have in common.

The Blaze - 11 hours 19 min ago

According to a Thompson Reuters Foundation survey, a ranking of the worst mega-cities for women finds that not one of the top 10 is in the U.S. — and only two are in the Western hemisphere.

What are the top 10 mega-cities in this poll?

The top 10 cities, starting with the worst, are:

  1. Cairo, Egypt
  2. Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Kinshasa, Congo
  4. New Delhi, India
  5. Lima, Peru
  6. Mexico City, Mexico
  7. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  8. Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Jakarta, Indonesia
  10. Istanbul, Turkey
Are there any U.S. cities on the full list?

Surprisingly, New York City comes in at 13th worst, following Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What else is notable?

Among the top 10 worst mega-cities for women, the seven of 10 have majority or plurality of Muslim population, including the top three.

Is the report reliable?

The methodology of the survey is somewhat suspect. The compilers of the report asked experts in each of 20 mega-cities to answer a survey about how well they think that city treats the average women in several categories. But it appears that the cities are chosen arbitrarily and with such a small count (only 20), the comparative value of the rankings could be disputed easily.

For instance, rape and crime statistics can be somewhat easily compared, but whether the culture in New York City is equally hostile for women the culture in Manila, Philippines, which came in 14th overall, appears suspicious. This category included practices such as, “female genital mutilation, child, early or forced marriage, female infanticide,” and yet Manila was deemed less dangerous for women than New York City.

Part of the reason the results should be taken with a grain of salt is that 20 cities were chosen out of the 31 “mega-cities” identified by the United Nations. Only one city was allowed per country, which likely forces Western and westernized countries up the list of rankings to artificially impose diversity where a larger list might be more accurate and representative.

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James Corden apologizes for crude jokes about Harvey Weinstein – here’s what he said

The Blaze - 11 hours 43 min ago

Comedian and late-night talk show host James Corden apologized for several jokes he made about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and his sexual harassment allegations.

Here’s the video of Corden’s jokes:

Straight out gate, host @JKCorden with Harvey Weinstein jokes. Too soon? Some laughs, some groans #amfARLosAngeles pic.twitter.com/nx88w5UwUe

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) October 14, 2017

What did Corden say?

Corden was speaking at a gala event for amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, when he joked about the continuing scandal.

“Right here in L.A. it’s so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage,” Corden quipped. “I don’t know whether that groan was that you liked that joke or you don’t like that joke, if you don’t like that joke you should probably leave now.”

“It has been weird this week, hasn’t it, watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water,” he continued. “Ask any of the women who watched him take a bath, it’s weird watching Harvey Weinstein in hot water.”

“Harvey Weinstein wanted to come tonight but he’ll settle for whatever potted plant is closest,” he concluded, referring to one of the disgusting features of an accusation against Weinstein.

What was the reaction?

Reaction was very negative and was led by Rose McGowan, the actress who first tried to sound the alarm about Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

The actress excoriated Corden after posting the video of his jokes in a series of missives from her social media account.

“YOU MOTHERF**KING PIGLET,” she said in the tweet with a link to the video of his jokes.

“Hearing the audience’s vile roars & laughs show EXACTLY what kind of HOLLYWOOD you really are,” she added. McGowan then demanded CBS donate to a charity helping women experiencing sexual harassment and abuse.

Others followed:

Americans have discovered that James Corden is a tool.
We wondered when you'd notice.
No, we're not having him back.

— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) October 15, 2017

people calling james corden's weinstein jokes "too soon" don't understand that there will NEVER be a "good" time to joke about r*pe

— moreid 01.11.17 (@mattsalvez) October 16, 2017

Eventually, Corden apologized:

To be clear, sexual assault is no laughing matter. I was not trying to make light of Harvey’s inexcusable behavior, (1/2)

— James Corden (@JKCorden) October 15, 2017

but to shame him, the abuser, not his victims. I am truly sorry for anyone offended, that was never my intention. (2/2)

— James Corden (@JKCorden) October 15, 2017

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Peshmerga: Iraq has declared “a war against the Kurds”

HotAir - 11 hours 48 min ago

The civil war in Iraq over the last three years touched off by ISIS may just have been an appetizer. Late yesterday, the Iraqi army attacked Peshmerga forces around Kirkuk in an attempt to wrest control of the city and its oil production away from the independence-minded Kurds. The Shi’ite-dominated government in Baghdad has thus far only used the army for this operation, but Shi’ite militias with ties to Iran wait on the sidelines — and that may be one reason why the Kurds are balking at federal control:

Iraqi Kurdish officials said early Monday that federal forces and state-backed militias have launched a “major, multi-pronged” attack aimed at retaking the disputed northern city of Kirkuk.

Kurdish forces known as the peshmerga were digging in at the edge of the international airport after withdrawing from their positions outside the city. Hundreds of armed Kurdish residents were taking up positions inside Kirkuk anticipating an attack. …

Iraq’s Interior Ministry said in a brief statement that federal forces have taken control of a power plant, a police station and industrial areas near Kirkuk. It provided no further details on the fighting or casualties in what it referred to as Operation Impose Security on Kirkuk.

Thus far, the Popular Mobilization Forces are staying out of the fight, but that may not last long if the Peshmerga gain the upper hand:

Iraq’s state-sanctioned militias, the mostly Shiite Arab Popular Mobilization Forces, were ordered to stay out of the city, according to al-Abadi’s office, and instead keep positions in the countryside. They are viewed with deep suspicion by Kurdish residents, who see them as beholden to Iran rather than Iraq’s central government. The predominantly Shiite militias are sponsored and guided by Tehran.

The Washington Post reports that the militias have already declared their intent to enter the city.  In fact, they may have precipitated the firefight with an ultimatum:

As Kurdish authorities warned they were about attack, Abadi tried to defuse tension, taking to Twitter to assure that Iraqi forces “cannot and will not attack our citizens.” Iraqi commanders initially dismissed troop movements as routine deployments aimed at securing nearby Hawija, recently recaptured from Islamic State militants.

But Shiite militia leaders close to Iran said that they were there to move into the province and had presented a list of demands to Kurdish Peshmerga commanders.

Those demands included a Kurdish withdrawal from positions including the city’s K1-military base and oil fields.

“The orders are to surround K1 and oil fields and stop and call on the Kurdish forces to retreat,” said a counterterrorism officer who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the topic. “There are strict orders to avoid violence.” But militia commanders took a more combative tone. Anyone who fights Iraqi forces is “the same as ISIS,” said Karim al-Nuri, a spokesman for Iraq’s mobilization units. State television said that counterterrorism forces, the 9th Division of the Iraqi army and federal police forces had taken “large areas” of the province without a fight. It said popular mobilization units took positions “outside Kirkuk.”

So much for “routine deployments.” The Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias appear to be driving this outcome, forcing Haider al-Abadi to act with force against the Kurds — and thereby confirming the Kurds’ worst fears about the Iraq federation’s future direction. If Iraq falls completely under Iran’s thumb, it will spell the end of the autonomy that Kurds have enjoyed since the end of the 1991 Gulf War.

The Kurds feel they have a separate claim on Kirkuk, too. The Peshmerga essentially saved Kirkuk from ISIS three years ago after the collapse of the Iraqi army, which ignominiously fled the region and left it open and unprotected. Ever since then, the autonomous Kurdish government has insisted that the city and its environs belong under their control, while Baghdad has insisted on a return to the status quo ante. Complicating matters is the lucrative oil industry in the Kirkuk region, which both sides want to control. It would have meant tense negotiations under any circumstances, but the referendum last month for full independence provided a catalyst for another civil war.

This puts the US in a very tough position. We still arm the Iraqi army as well as the Peshmerga, and we’re siding with the Syrian Kurd militia YPG over the strenuous objections of our nominal ally Turkey in the fight against ISIS. The Trump administration tried to warn off the Kurds from holding their referendum in the first place to no avail. How does the US see this firefight? Er …

BREAKING: US military says exchange of fire between Iraqi, Kurdish forces in Kirkuk a "misunderstanding."

— The Associated Press (@AP) October 16, 2017

That’s a political reductio ad absurdum. All war is at some level a “misunderstanding”; this falls more into the “inevitable” category. Abadi has basically stumbled back into the same situation that Nouri al-Maliki created by deputizing Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias for the fight against ISIS, which alienated the Kurdish and Sunni minorities all over again. By allowing them to take positions against the Kurds and to issue ultimatums to Irbil, Abadi may have made that alienation impossible to repair.

The post Peshmerga: Iraq has declared “a war against the Kurds” appeared first on Hot Air.

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'Chelsea Bomber' Convicted on Eight Charges

Townhall.com - 12 hours 4 min ago
He's going to jail for life.
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Kaepernick’s latest move… into arbitration

HotAir - 12 hours 28 min ago

Colin Kaepernick’s next big move has arrived. No… he’s not putting on a new NFL uniform yet and taking to the field. He’s heading into arbitration.

This week, Kaepernick’s attorneys have filed a grievance, supported by the NFL Players’ Association, claiming that a secret cabal of owners has conspired to keep him off the field. How this winds up putting him into a starting position remains a mystery. (Associated Press)

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL on Sunday, alleging that he remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protests during the national anthem…

Mark Geragos, one of Kaepernick’s attorneys, said in a statement posted on Twitter on Sunday that he filed the grievance “only after pursuing every possible avenue with all NFL teams and their executives.”

“If the NFL (as well as all professional sports leagues) is to remain a meritocracy, then principled and peaceful political protest — which the owners themselves made great theater imitating weeks ago — should not be punished,” Geragos said in the statement, “and athletes should not be denied employment based on partisan political provocation by the executive branch of our government. Such a precedent threatens all patriotic Americans and harkens back to our darkest days as a nation.”

How exactly does this help Kaepernick’s case? The complex system of rules governing the operation of the league and the 32 teams allows for all sorts of strange outcomes when disputes arise, but I don’t recall a single situation where a group of lawyers was able to force one of the owners to hire somebody. That’s just about the most private, grassroots level decision that the teams make each season and their individual fortunes ride on those calls.

And while the world of the NFL is quite different from the workaday jobs most of us take, there are at least a few areas where all employment is basically the same. In what other line of work can someone passed over for a position file a claim which has nothing to do with discrimination and say that the employer should have picked him, resulting in the firing of the employee the boss settled on? (Even Kaepernick hasn’t dared to claim that he’s being left off the field because of his race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else of the kind.) That’s not how this works, Colin. That’s not how any of this works.

Timing is everything, as the saying goes, and the irony of this announcement is that it was unveiled just as news of a possible opportunity for Kaepernick to get back out on the field may have come up. As Sports Illustrated reports, Aaron Rodgers is going to be out for quite a while with a significant injury and Colin may have been near the top of the list for an interview with the Packers.

My opinion: The Packers should call Colin Kaepernick on Monday morning. Not necessarily to sign him. If I were general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy, I’d want to meet with Kaepernick to see if he’d be willing to come in as a backup to Hundley while he took a crash course in the offense. If they’re impressed enough with his approach and his condition, they could sign him and groom him to be Hundley’s backup—and, if Hundley struggles mightily (as he did Sunday at Minnesota) in the next game or two, then McCarthy can judge whether Kaepernick or number three quarterback Joe Callahan gives the Packers the best chance to win.

It’s an interesting scenario to be sure but there are any number of poison pills hidden in there. First of all, would the Packers ask him about the whole Anthem thing and ask him to sign an agreement in advance saying that he would keep his politics off the field? Assuming he was amenable, would Kaepernick actually be satisfied with a position as a backup to a backup? Let’s face it… the man has a pretty high opinion of himself.

But at the same time, this could be a good test of his intentions. Is he honestly more interested in playing and embracing his love of the game or does he simply want to use a roster spot as a way to continue his political campaigning? If the former, perhaps Green Bay could be his salvation. If the latter, then the Packers will have purchased a new set of problems for their time and money.

The post Kaepernick’s latest move… into arbitration appeared first on Hot Air.

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CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act Which Had Religious Freedom Concerns

Townhall.com - 12 hours 34 min ago
Big win for California religious and pro-life groups.
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