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Dems Target Trumpcare in Montana House Race

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:44
Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
The steady stream of revelations about the U.S. intelligence community's Russia investigation and the White House provides ample political fodder for the loyal opposition. The appointment of a...
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On Tour Abroad, Trump Does What Obama Should Have

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:44
Timothy Stanley, CNN
Trump is doing that Obama was reluctant to do: he's picking sides, even when his choices are not ideal, and amid the added urgency, after Manchester attack to address nations' collective vulnerability to terror, writes Tim Stanley.
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Trump Bumbles Across the Middle East

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:43
Dana Milbank, Washington Post
President Trump arrived in Jerusalem this week with a most curious bit of information for Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.
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Sorry, But Terrrorism Is Not a 'Fact of Life'

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:43
Tammy Bruce, Washington Times
After the horrific carnage unleashed by the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, some of the reactions were inexplicable. We're used to jihadis celebrating the horror of mass murder, but it's still perplexing to hear Western leaders and media reissue their bizarre insistence that we need to get used to the sick and depraved.
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Don't Let Murderers Suppress Our Common Humanity

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:42
George Monbiot, The Guardian
It is a blow to the heart: an atrocity whose purpose was to kill and maim as many children and teenagers as possible. No parent, hearing the voices of those still seeking news of their children, could fail to imagine the frantic play of hope and despair, the terrible wrenching of attachment. The person or people who did this meant to hit where it hurts most, and they succeeded.
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Abu Sayyaf allies abduct priest, 13 others from Catholic church in Philippines

HotAir - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:41

The Philippine government has imposed martial law on Mindinao after radical Islamic extremists launched attacks, but it didn’t stop the terrorists from conducting operations. The rebels took a Catholic priest and 13 parishioners and parish employees hostage this morning after attacking the church, despite a blackout in the city of Marawi in which the church was located:

Muslim extremists abducted a Catholic priest and more than a dozen churchgoers while laying siege to a southern Philippine city overnight, burning buildings, ambushing soldiers and hoisting flags of the Islamic State group, officials said Wednesday. President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in the southern third of the nation and warned he would enforce it harshly.

The violence erupted Tuesday night after the army raided the hideout of Isnilon Hapilon, an Abu Sayyaf commander who is on Washington’s list of most-wanted terrorists with a reward of up to $5 million for his capture. The militants called for reinforcements from an allied group, the Maute, and some 50 gunmen managed to enter the city of Marawi. …

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Pena said the militants forced their way into the Marawi Cathedral and seized a priest, 10 worshippers and three church workers.

The Islamist terrorists also reportedly beheaded the local police chief:

#BREAKING: #Philippines President #RodrigoDuterte says that militants have beheaded a local police chief in the southern city of #Marawi.

— Jon Haworth (@JonHaworthSky) May 24, 2017

Whether or not the rebellion is part of ISIS is still in dispute, even within the Philippine government. Official military statements accuse the rebels of merely using ISIS for publicity purposes. “They are merely courting the acclamation of ISIS,” a spokesman said, “which until now they haven’t received.” The Abu Sayyaf extremist group predates ISIS by more than two decades, and had been waning as a force in the southern Philippines. US forces deployed in the region as advisers to the Philippine military in 2002, more than a decade before ISIS emerged in western Iraq, as part of the Global War on Terror.

However, Duterte told Vladimir Putin this week that the rebellion was being directed by ISIS, asking the Russian president to send him arms to fight the rebels. Duterte complained that the US reneged on an arms deal, and that he’s in desperate need of a new source:


Undoubtedly, Putin will see this as an opening to extend Russian influence, but Duterte might not be the most stable partner.

What do the extremists want in exchange for the parishioners? Safe passage out of the dragnet, perhaps searching for a do-over:

The gunmen threatened to kill the hostages if the army continues to fight them. Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Peña said he received a call from a militant who identified himself as a “member of ISIS” Tuesday, the Permanent Council of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippine (CBCP) news service reported.

“They want a ceasefire and for the military to give them access out of Marawi. Otherwise, they will kill the hostages,” the bishop said, adding that the call was made shortly before 8pm on Tuesday using the phone of his secretary who is among the hostages. …

Duterte has warned repeatedly that Mindanao, an impoverished region beset by decades of unrest by separatist and Marxist guerrillas, was at risk of “contamination” by Islamic State fighters driven out of Iraq and Syria.

Duterte doesn’t appear to be in the mood for negotiations, however. These hostages need our prayers, as do the people of Mindinao caught up in a generation of terrorism.

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Regime Change by Any Other Name?

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:40
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online
Election machines in three states were not hacked to give Donald Trump the election. There was never a serious post-election movement of electors to defy their constitutional duties and vote for Hillary Clinton. Nor, once Trump was elected, did transgendered people begin killing themselves in alarming numbers. Nor were there mass resignations at the State Department upon his inauguration. Nor did Donald Trump seek an order to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S ...
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The 'Deep State' & Media Are Winning Against Trump

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:39
Lawrence Martin, Globe & Mail
The Washington bureaucracy and the mainstream press have played a big role in the governing elite push-back
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Trump's Budget Draws Comparisons to Reagan

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:39
James Antle, Washington Examiner
Leading fiscal conservatives are showering President Trump's first federal budget proposalwith some of their highest praise: comparisons to Ronald Reagan.
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President Trump's Budget Doesn't Make Sense

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:39
Maya MacGuineas, New York Times
President Trump entered office facing the worst ratio of debt to gross domestic product of any new president in American history except Harry Truman — an onerous 77 percent. So, like many presidents before him — including, most recently, President Barack Obama, who had to respond to the economic crisis he inherited — President Trump is faced with the choice of whether and how to confront a looming situation not of his own making.
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Sean Hannity responds to Seth Rich’s family’s demand that he stop pushing conspiracy story

The Blaze - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:26

Fox News host Sean Hannity addressed the controversy and public furor over his coverage of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory and announced that he would be changing how he treats the story in light of the Rich family’s wishes.

“The unsolved murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich continues to get a huge amount of attention,” Hannity said at the beginning of his TV show Tuesday night. “Now I want to say something. I totally completely understand how upset, how hard this is on the family, especially over the recent coverage of Seth’s death.

“Now, I have been communicating with them,” he said, “I got a very heartfelt note, I also sent them a heartfelt note back. I reached out personally to Seth’s brother, Aaron. I expressed my condolence out over how hard, how difficult this has been for him and his family. And as I told Aaron, my heart, my soul, my prayers, everything, goes out to them in this very difficult time. I’m a father. I know, I personally, I don’t think I’d ever recover from losing a child, or a brother. I honestly don’t think I would. I cannot imagine the pain that they are in.

“And as a father when I saw the video of the parents online saying they want answers,” he continued, “and I know the brother, Aaron, started a GoFundMe page. It truly pained me. However, out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing this matter at this time.”

“Now let me, let me explain this,” Hannity said. “There are so many issues here, not the least of which is the Democratic push of their Russia narrative, collusion, Trump, Russia narrative, Trump, Russia narrative. There’s something clearly happening here. The destroy-Trump media, the Democrats, they have been pushing Russian tinfoil hat conspiracy theory with zero evidence.”

The Fox News host then used as evidence a portion of former CIA Director John Brennan’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday. Brennan told the committee:

I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals. And it raised questions in my mind, again, whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.

I don’t know whether or not such collusion, that’s your term, such collusion existed, I don’t know. But I know that there was a sufficient basis of information and intelligence that required further investigation by the bureau to determine whether or not U.S. persons were actively conspiring, colluding, with Russian officials.

Hannity went on to show more clips of Democrats and other officials admitting they had not seen evidence proving Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

“I want to say this to you,” he said, “my loyal audience, which is very important. Please do not interpret what I’m saying tonight to mean anything. Don’t read into this.

“I promise you I am not doing, going to stop doing my job,” Hannity said. “To the extent of my ability, I am not going to stop trying to find the truth. That’s what we do here every single day. That effort is not stopping in any way, shape, matter, or form. I am continuing the work that I promised to do every day for you and at the proper time, we shall continue and talk a lot more.

“As for my job here at the Fox News Channel,” he explained, “there is an effort now about to silence to me. Media Matters is attacking my, my advertising base. That is what we have called on this program liberal fascism, attack, boycott, all in an effort to silence conservatives.

“I serve at the pleasure of the Fox News Channel, and I am here to do my job every night,” he concluded, “I’m under contract, as long as they seem to want me.”

The Rich family sent Hannity a letter Tuesday asking that he stop discussing the conspiracy theory that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had ordered their son to be murdered in order to keep him from leaking more private emails to WikiLeaks. Fox News also retracted its reporting on the story, saying it was not up to their editorial standards.

Hannity was very defiant on his radio show Tuesday, yelling firmly, “I retracted nothing!” and continued his tirade on his Twitter account.

IMPORTANT! Mediamatters is trying to silence me, get me fired, pressure my advertising on radio & TV. Liberal Fascism. I need your help!!

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 23, 2017

Huge announcement tonight about Seth Rich, Trump/Russian Collusion corrupt media, the liberal effort to silence me. And my future at Fox!

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 23, 2017

But he appeared to change his tune Tuesday evening, saying that he would no longer speak about the case, for now.

Ok TO BE CLEAR, I am closer to the TRUTH than ever. Not only am I not stopping, I am working harder. Updates when available. Stay tuned!

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 24, 2017

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Three more arrests as Manchester investigation expands

HotAir - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 08:01

Overnight (or at least “overnight” for most of us in the United States anyway) authorities in England arrested three more persons of interest in the Manchester Islamic terror attack. The Brits tend to do a better job of keeping their cards close to the vest in terms of media leaks, so it’s difficult to say exactly how close of a connection there is between these individuals and Salman Abedi. (Associated Press)

Police in Manchester say they have arrested three more men in connection with the suicide bombing at a pop concert that killed 22 people.

They said Wednesday the arrests had been made in the south of the city, where a day earlier a 23-year-old man was also arrested and a number of homes were searched.

Police are trying to establish if bomber Salman Abedi acted alone or whether there could be a risk of further attacks.

The more we learn about this guy, the more we wind up asking the same sickening question that crops up after so many terror attacks. How did nobody see this coming? The Telegraph has done a roundup of the details which have emerged so far and if there’s a standard profile for an ISIS bomber it should probably have Abedi’s picture next to it. For one thing, he’s been back and forth to Libya and his last trip only ended a few days before the bombing. The mosque he worshiped at had already been in trouble for fundraising for jihadists. An imam was quoted yesterday as saying that Abedi had shown him “the face of hate” when he warned against the dangers of ISIS. One of his associates, Abd al-Baset Azzouz, is described as “an expert bomb maker” who was accused of running an AQ group in Libya.

Put all of that together and you have to wonder… did nobody in his community think to report this guy to the authorities? The police said he’d already been on their radar, but apparently not at a high enough signal to noise level. If there are more people being arrested today, clearly somebody knew this monster was up to no good and probably could have alerted authorities so he could be stopped. But that didn’t happen.

What am I driving at here? Without putting too fine of a point on it, Great Britain has more of a problem than one “lone wolf” who suddenly went off the rails and decided to blow up a bunch of children at a concert. This had been brewing for a while and they’ve got an entire community there which is breeding terror. Will this result in any changes going forward? One rather pessimistic view of that subject came from an unexpected source… Israel’s Defense Minister. (Emphasis added)

Israel’s defense minister says he doubts the devastating bombing in Manchester will have any impact on European counterterrorism tactics because of the continent’s “politically correct” character.

Avigdor Lieberman says every bombing in Europe results in much talk, but little action. He told Israel’s Army Radio Wednesday the problem is extremism among Muslim youths who are not integrated into society.

He said nothing will change until these residents are ready to adopt “universal, European values.”

This ties into the theme we’ve seen recently in both Germany and Austria, where measures are being taken to enshrine a “dominant culture” in keeping with those nations’ traditional values. People who choose to immigrate may wish to retain some of their familiar cultural practices, but they need to learn the language and integrate themselves in the new world they have traveled to. And that applies to their entire families. Abedi was born in Manchester, but his parents were Libyan immigrants. And he grew up in what’s being described as a “tight knit Libyan community.” If there’s a tight knit Libyan community in the middle of Manchester it’s worth keeping an eye on. Yes, that sounds like hate speech to the left, I’m sure. But while they are still clearing out the bodies and sweeping up the rubble from that attack, it might be the ideal time to get the rest of the city asking such questions.

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Reports of Suicide Bombing in Indonesian Capital - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 07:40
More terror?
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A Slash-and-Burn Budget

Real Clear Politics - Wed, 05/24/2017 - 07:27
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