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June Update

Special Congratulations to Whitney Vaughn who was awarded the $1,000 Strongsville Republican Club Reagan Memorial Scholarship on May 26th.   Whitney is a current member of the club, the President of the High School Republican Club and was instrumental in recruiting other high school students to volunteer at the Victory Center this past fall.    In addition to volunteering Whitney is an outstanding student who lives the ideals of conservative Republicans and is very active in the community here in Strongsville. We wish Whitney continued success at Lipscomb University. 

A big thanks to our scholarship committee and all those who attended the fundraiser on May 13th for the scholarship fund.   We will continue to build this fund to support students like Whitney. My goal is to grow the fund to support two students, then three, etc.   Hopefully one day it will be large enough that we can live off the interest! Special thanks to State Senator Tom Patton, who sponsored this year’s scholarship. 

Finally, as we move into the summer, our June meeting will have a very special speaker on the topic of County Reform.   Mayor Martin Zanotti of Parma Heights will be speaking to us on his organization’s proposal to reform County Government here in Cuyahoga County.  
Look forward to seeing you all on June 8th!

Support Our Young Republicans

As the Republican Party reflects back on the election of 2008, one item that is obvious is that the Republican Party has not connected with the youth of America.  In the election of 2008 Obama’s team was able to not only get the support of young Americans but also got them out to vote.  Our Republican party needs to do a better job of communicating and working with the youth of America and not just when they turn 18.

Republican ideals need to be brought to the attention of kids in their learning years and especially in high school.  It is a challenge, as we know that the teachers union and education is dominated by the left.  However, did you know that at our own Strongsville High School we have a Young Republican Club?   These high school students are tremendous kids who are not afraid to boast they are Republican!  I cannot say enough about the energy, enthusiasm and work ethic they brought to the campaign this past fall.  They spend countless hours at the victory center stuffing envelopes, making phone calls and doing whatever we asked of them!

April 2009 Message

Dear Fellow Strongsville Republican:

Our March meeting had a tremendous turnout as many of you appear to be concerned about the direction of the country and realize the only way to affect true change is to get involved!  Those of you who were unable to attend missed a pretty impressive line-up of speakers.    State Senator Tom Patton updated the club on the status of various transportation issues and budgeting items that the Senate was considering.  The Senator noted several proposals the federal government was blackmailing Ohio into passing and how he and our fellow Republicans in Columbus were opposing.  He also discussed the major flaws and cost in the Governor‘s proposed plan to build a high speed train connecting Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati and how he was leading the fight on such wasteful government spending. 

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