April 2009 Message

Dear Fellow Strongsville Republican:

Our March meeting had a tremendous turnout as many of you appear to be concerned about the direction of the country and realize the only way to affect true change is to get involved!  Those of you who were unable to attend missed a pretty impressive line-up of speakers.    State Senator Tom Patton updated the club on the status of various transportation issues and budgeting items that the Senate was considering.  The Senator noted several proposals the federal government was blackmailing Ohio into passing and how he and our fellow Republicans in Columbus were opposing.  He also discussed the major flaws and cost in the Governor‘s proposed plan to build a high speed train connecting Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati and how he was leading the fight on such wasteful government spending. 

It Didn't Take Long . . .

Dear Fellow Strongsville Republicans:

Well it didn’t take long for President Obama to show that he is a typical tax and spend Democrat.  His “stimulus” package is nothing more than a pork bill with something in it for every democrat constituent that didn’t receive anything in the last eight years.   All of the substantive tax breaks were either removed or severally cut back so that the effect on American companies is minimal.

Meanwhile, the President has no plan to pay the interest on this $800 billion dollar package and there is already talk of tax hikes in the future to pay for the interest on the new spending.  As Ronald Reagan so eloquently said “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”  It seems though our new President has not studied the history of the 1980s and is already appearing to be the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

As the President’s true agenda is coming to fruition, it gives us as Republicans the opportunity to demonstrate a viable alternative.  We Republicans do not need to do anything different – we just need to return our basic principles of lower taxes and smaller government.   While we do not have the numbers in Congress to stop the liberal Democratic agenda, we can provide a sound and reasonable alternatives to the American people. 

Jimmy Dimora's indictment caps the crumbling of his classic Democratic political machine

dimora-head-down.jpgCLEVELAND, Ohio -- As fast as Jimmy Dimora built a political machine to rule Cuyahoga County, his machine's collapse came even faster.

When federal agents raided Dimora's house and office in July 2008, citizens got their first glimpse at a corruption probe that over the next 26 months would tear apart county government.

Ever since that day, Dimora, 55, and his closest friends and political allies -- some innocent, others not -- lived under intense scrutiny. Within a year, Dimora was pushed to the sidelines of the Democratic Party he had led for 16 years. He defiantly refused to resign as a county commissioner and challenged prosecutors to charge him or leave him and his family alone.

Early this morning, they opted for the former. Agents arrested Dimora at his Independence home and led him out in handcuffs and chains.

"I'm sickened by it," Tim Hagan, a fellow Democrat and commissioner, said this morning after hearing of Dimora's arrest. "It's been a nightmare, and it's coming to an end."

Dimora maintains his innocence. But, unquestionably, the events of the past two years diminish his legacy as one of the greatest political talents Greater Cleveland has ever seen.

While fallout from the federal investigation cannot yet be measured completely, one certain souvenir is the new form of government corruption-weary voters approved last year. New leaders will be elected this fall. Replacing Dimora, if he finishes his term, as well as the two other commissioners, will be a county executive with a local constituency unrivaled in terms of size.

It is the type of office that Dimora, a man for whom big is too simple an adjective, might crave under different circumstances. Fueling the irony, Democrats harbor legitimate fears that he has left the party in such turmoil that a Republican or independent might win the job.

If Democrats ultimately are ousted from the highest level of county government, it would represent a total unraveling of everything Dimora accomplished as a modern-day boss.

Read the rest of the article here.

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