It Didn't Take Long . . .

Dear Fellow Strongsville Republicans:

Well it didn’t take long for President Obama to show that he is a typical tax and spend Democrat.  His “stimulus” package is nothing more than a pork bill with something in it for every democrat constituent that didn’t receive anything in the last eight years.   All of the substantive tax breaks were either removed or severally cut back so that the effect on American companies is minimal.

Meanwhile, the President has no plan to pay the interest on this $800 billion dollar package and there is already talk of tax hikes in the future to pay for the interest on the new spending.  As Ronald Reagan so eloquently said “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”  It seems though our new President has not studied the history of the 1980s and is already appearing to be the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

As the President’s true agenda is coming to fruition, it gives us as Republicans the opportunity to demonstrate a viable alternative.  We Republicans do not need to do anything different – we just need to return our basic principles of lower taxes and smaller government.   While we do not have the numbers in Congress to stop the liberal Democratic agenda, we can provide a sound and reasonable alternatives to the American people. 

If Republicans present a sound and reasonable alternative to these socialistic policies, than I believe we can make significant gains in 2010.  If you have not seen Rush Limbaugh’s speech this past weekend at CPAC, I encourage you view it at as he discusses  that the opportunity for Republicans to comeback is easily possible if we just act like Republicans. 

Here in Strongsville, we have seen firsthand the effects of a strong, fiscally prudent government.  Mayor Perciak made fiscally sound decisions when the economy was robust and now that the economy is in recession, Strongsville is maintaining its finances much better than the majority of cities in the region.    Again, another sign that conservatism works every time it is tried! 

My friends join us in the fight to regain control of our state and federal offices in 2010. It is never too late to get involved, join the club, and get involved in local races this year and the statewide races next year.  So I invite you to join us for one of our monthly meetings - let us take our country back! 

Click on this logo to make a call to the Strongsville GOP hotline. Google Voice will call you back at the number you enter and will connect you with us. Or, call us direct at 440-794-1GOP.