Support Our Young Republicans

As the Republican Party reflects back on the election of 2008, one item that is obvious is that the Republican Party has not connected with the youth of America.  In the election of 2008 Obama’s team was able to not only get the support of young Americans but also got them out to vote.  Our Republican party needs to do a better job of communicating and working with the youth of America and not just when they turn 18.

Republican ideals need to be brought to the attention of kids in their learning years and especially in high school.  It is a challenge, as we know that the teachers union and education is dominated by the left.  However, did you know that at our own Strongsville High School we have a Young Republican Club?   These high school students are tremendous kids who are not afraid to boast they are Republican!  I cannot say enough about the energy, enthusiasm and work ethic they brought to the campaign this past fall.  They spend countless hours at the victory center stuffing envelopes, making phone calls and doing whatever we asked of them!

So in order to support our Young Republicans who are going off to the college campuses, in the hope that we can keep them “in the fold” your Strongsville Club is offering a scholarship to a Republican High School senior in Strongsville who is going off to college.  In order to raise money to fund the scholarship the Club hosts an annual benefit reception and this year the reception is on Wednesday May 13th at J. Bellas (located in Staples Plaza-12201 Pearl Road) from 6:00-8:00pm.  Hors devours are provided with a cash bar at reduced prices thanks to Roger Riachi of RFC Contracting.  The cost of the event is $50 per person with the majority of that amount going to the fund.  I ask you to PLEASE come out and support this fund for our young Republican students.   Special thanks goes to State Senator Tom Patton and Councilman At Large Ken Dooner who are event sponsors.  Again, I hope to see you on the 13th-please come out and support our young Republican Students!



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Click on this logo to make a call to the Strongsville GOP hotline. Google Voice will call you back at the number you enter and will connect you with us. Or, call us direct at 440-794-1GOP.