Strongsville Republican Club Hall of Fame

Strongsville Republican Club Hall of Fame

June 2008 Inaugural Induction

Master of Ceremonies
Gordon Short
President, Strongsville Republican Club

The Honorable Thomas Perciak
Mayor, City of Strongsville


Walter F. Ehrnfelt Jr.

Walter Ehrnfelt lived in Strongsville most of his life and had a long history of civic involvement. He was elected to the Strongsville School Board in 1974 and was President of the Board the next two years. In 1977, he ran for City Council and took office in January, 1978 as a councilman, being appointed Mayor a short time later.

During the period of Mayor Ehrnfelt’s administration, the City of Strongsville grew from approximately 22,000 to 45,000 residents and the community grew from a sleepy town to a bustling city with many beautiful neighborhoods, an excellent school system, a good and growing industrial base, and excellent shopping.

Mayor Ehrnfelt was elected for six continuous four-year terms, serving as mayor for 25 years. Mayor Ehrnfelt was a lifelong Republican, precinct committeeman and a longstanding member and advisor of the Strongsville Republican Club.

Fred W. Dewey Jr.

Fred William Dewey, Jr. was born in Cleveland in 1921 and graduated from West Tech High School and from the Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin. After serving in the United States Army in WWII, he moved to Strongsville and married Elizabeth Andress. Fred and Betty celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in 2005.

In addition to his many civic accomplishments, Fred Dewey created our city slogan, "Crossroads of the Nation" and has been called a “one-man super salesman for the city of Strongsville”. Fred served as at-large councilman, city treasurer, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, City Clubs and many, many other leadership roles in our city. He was Republican Ward leader, Republican Club president and served as precinct committeeman for over 25 years.

Fred was quoted as saying, “My goal is just to serve Strongsville, I want to make it a better place to live and work .” And, that is exactly what Fred Dewey did for over fifty years.



Gary C. Suhadolnik

Gary Suhadolnik was born and raised on Cleveland’s west side. Gary graduated from Cleveland State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and later earned his Master of Business Administration degree also from CSU.

In 1977, Gary was elected to Parma Heights City Council and elected to the Ohio Senate in 1980. Despite the district’s two-to-one Democrat registration, Gary decisively won re-election to the Ohio Senate for subsequent terms commencing in 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996. Gary won his last re-election campaign by a two-to-one margin, receiving over 100,000 votes.

In January 1999, Gary was appointed Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce, the state’s chief regulatory agency and appointed Executive Director of the Ohio Turnpike Commission in January 2003. Gary retired in June 2008 after serving the public for more than 30 years.


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