Whitney Vaughn's Winning Scholarship Essay

Webmaster's note -  Special Congratulations to Whitney Vaughn who was awarded the $1,000 Strongsville Republican Club Reagan Memorial Scholarship on May 26, 2009.    

The United States of America faces many challenges throughout the next several years. Challenges have always been present in our society, but we can easily overcome them if we adopt the right policies. Throughout history, the best policies have proven to be those that were established by our founding fathers.

The first and most-needed policy to keep our country successful in 2009 is the principle of limited government. Our nation's government was created to defend and serve its people. Unfortunately, these democratic values have vanished in the current administration. Our new president believes that government, despite its original intent, needs to regulate all aspects of life, in order to make our society more equal and fair. However, America was not built on the hope of fairness. It was built on the American dream, which is the belief that hard work will eventually help you find success.

This conservative principle contradicts the current administration's policies. Big govel1llnent does not encourage people to work hard to find success. Barry Goldwater understood the affects that a large goven1ll1ent can have on society. He demonstrated this understanding when he said, "Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have." By this, he meant that although new government-enforced programs might make life easier, it also comes with a large price tag. As government regulation grows, more taxes and more restrictions are needed.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand this correlation. When they heard the word "change," they thought President Obama was instilling them with the ability to have a substantial amount of money without working for it. Obviously, this has not, and will not, happen.

This is one example of how the idea of personal responsibility has been abandoned. Another reason there is a lack of personal responsibility in our society, I believe, is because of the decline of the traditional family unit. In past years, a man and a woman committed to each other in marital union, expanded their families, and then accepted responsibility for their loved ones. Then, as a part of the traditional family, parents symbolized authority. The children's sole responsibility as minors was to obey their parents. In return, the parents would teach them conservative principles such as responsibility, commitment and living a morally-based life. As each child matured, they used these values to become trustworthy and independent adults.

Several factors are contributing to the destruction of the traditional family unit.  First, jobs have become a primary focus of most adults. This is, I believe, due to the intense desire for money. Every person desires money, because it allows average people to experience rare opportunities. As a result, working adults abandon their responsibilities to their families in order to obtain more luxury items.

Now, the United States is sacrificing a healthy vision for the future in order to satisfy an upcoming and carefree generation. The children of the money-hungry generation have become obsessed with being entertained constantly; often causing them to temporarily abandon their concern for the consequences they will face in the future.

In my opinion, America will have a better chance of success if the people in our country can return to these conservative principles. Each individual, in my opinion, would be more successful if they worked hard to make their living and lived morally based lives. Also, The United States would be a more successful nation if every person took responsibility for their actions. These conservative principles have the ability, if applied, to help our economy prosper and create a healthier society for America in 2009.


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