From Corruption to Accountability

 Finally: From Corruption to Accountability

For Immediate Release
Contact: Rob Frost

Thursday, September 9, 2010
(216) 621-0077

Voters from every Cuyahoga community, incensed with corruption and disgusted by the continued reports of back room bargaining, bribes and patronage laden offices, overwhelmingly passed Issue 6 last year, and in doing so laid the groundwork for true government reform in Cuyahoga County. Today, we finally start clearing out the corrupt political bosses who have been abusing our system of government for the past decade and a half. It is now time for the civic and political leadership of this area to demonstrate a commitment to work together in this process of transition to a new government.

Said RPCC Chairman Rob Frost "Frank Russo's resignation and indictment, coming on the heels of State Auditor Mary Taylor's performance audit, gives us the opportunity to move toward a fiscally sound, transparent and accountable democracy for the people of Cuyahoga County."

Frost reiterated his call from a month ago upon Democratic Chairman Stuart Garson to commit to appointing a qualified, experienced professional for Russo's replacement as County Auditor, not someone running for County Executive or County Council, nor anyone beholden to those political candidates. Said Frost: "This can be an opportunity for the community to come together and rise above partisan politics to form a transition government, but that cannot occur if the Democratic Party chooses to use this as a political appointment to gain support in the coming election."

Concluded Frost: "This appointment will be a test of whether the current Democratic leadership is able to put the interests of the people of this County ahead of the interests of the Democratic Party. It is time for us to move from a culture of corruption to a culture of accountability."

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