Time for the GOP to Focus on Democrat Corruption

The Democratic Party holds to three major rules concerning politics in this country:

1. Democrats make "mistakes," Republicans commit crimes.

2. Republicans are not allowed to harp on Democrat "mistakes" but Democrats are free to confront Republicans over the slightest "moral discrepancy" whenever and wherever they choose.

3. If Republicans do somehow muster the courage to point out a Democrat "mistake," as they did with the great perjurist-in-chief Bill Clinton, they are to be charged with using "the politics of personal destruction." 

But now, with internet sites and cable channels alike carrying the news of Friday's indictment of Baltimore's Democrat Mayor Sheila Dixon for perjury and the impeachment of Illinois Democrat Governor Ron Blagovich after he tried to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder, can't we finally gather the courage to ignore the Democrats politically correct guide to political confrontation and throw down the gauntlet? 

It's clear from here that the Democrats represent the politics of personal corruption.

Let's be honest, the Dixon and Blagovich cases are only the latest examples of Democrat corruption. Within the last year and a half alone we've seen Detroit's Democrat Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted for perjury and learned that former Democrat Senator and Vice-Presidential candidate John Edward's was meeting a mistress instead of sitting at home with his cancer-stricken wife, whom he repeatedly fawned over on the campaign trail. And prior to these things, in 2005, there was the post-Katrina discovery of large amounts of untraceable cash in the refrigerator one of Louisiana's Democrat Congressmen, William Jefferson.

Of course there are many more examples of Democrat corruption; I've just listed the ones that were widely reported.

If we wanted to broaden our list of Democrat lies and examples of corruption or outright crimes, we could include New York Democrat Mayor Elliot Spitzer's fling with a prostitute, Jesse Jackson's mistress and subsequent lovechild, New Jersey Governor McGreevy's homosexual affair, and the news that the Senate Subcommittee on Military Construction, of which Senator Diane Feinstein was a member, had awarded a "number of defense contracts...to Perini Corp. and URS Corp, both of which [Feinstein's] husband Richard Blum has ownership in." (Feinstein resigned from the subcommittee when news of this surfaced.)

Sure we should also include Bill Clinton's 1998 impeachment, and mention the fact that the only two presidents in American history to be impeached were Democrats (Andrew Johnson being the first). We could even go back to Senator Ted Kennedy's famous Oldsmobile in the Chappaquiddick trick that cost Mary Jo Kopechne her life. (If a Republican had done that it would have been called "manslaughter.")

Notice, I haven't touched on Barrack Obama ties to Pastor Jeremiah Wright or Williams Ayers -- the former damns America instead of blessing her, while the latter wishes he'd committed more terrorism toward the U.S. than he did back in the day.

Yet Republicans remain frozen in place. Instead of campaigning or legislating to win by shaming the Democrats we ignore the horror of their corruption, we run emasculated McCain-like campaigns and half-heartedly pursue a conservative agenda out of fear that we'll be accused of the politics of personal destruction.

Some Republicans are so feeble that they tremble with fear like Senator Trent Lott did when faced with duty of overseeing the sentencing phase that followed Clinton's impeachment. You remember Lott don't you? He was the Senate leader in the late 1990s who responded to this duty by saying, "Oh no, you're not going to put this off on me."

Lott's type of cowardice is presently at epidemic levels in the Republican Party and there is no reason for it. The very existence of Democrats provides an opportunity for Republican success because Democrats are inextricably linked to corruption, and therefore cannot survive a focused, partisan assault on their motives and criminal history.

To be fair, I am not attempting to assert that Republicans have avoided corruption altogether throughout this nation's history; but I am saying that Republican corruption, when it had taken place, has both been the exception rather than the rule and has been dealt with swiftly (if not excessively) from within the party. On the other hand Democrats, like Congressman Charlie Rangel, whom we recently learned did not bother paying taxes on some of his property holdings, are so comfortable with their corruption that they laugh at investigations while chalking up delinquent taxes to a simple oversight on their part.

The truth is that the Democrats should live life on their heels. They should be scared of meeting Republicans in a public forum for fear of what lie, crime, or other corrupt practice the Republicans may point out next.

Will we waste this opportunity by continuing to operate politically from a position of self-imposed weakness (and subsequent defeat) or will we call things like we see them and send the Democrats scurrying for the tall grass?

I say we send them scurrying. And we can succeed in this by simply pointing out the politics of personal corruption in the Party of Corruption.



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